Konitsa Thermal Center offers you the possibility to come closer to the nature by outdoor activities:

Mountain bike:
Mountain bikes are at your disposal to explore the area.

Following the paths of the area you will reach fantastic landscapes and mountaintops. One of the best is the top of the mountain Kamenik on a height of 2.060 metres, with a lovely view.



Konitsa Thermal Center organises herbs collection days during June and lasts 5days. It’s a great opportunity for all ages to come closer to nature and learn from it. Together we will collect the herb and then drain it, as we all share our recipes and secrets!

Tsipouro festival:
Tsipouro is the Greek national homemade drink. On October 28 we begin the distillation process that lasts 3 days. The morning of the 1st day we set up the cauldrons where the grapes are simmering and in the evening when the first  tsipouro is ready, we taste it together with the local elite dishes and lot of dancing! 

Also, in cooperation with the alternative recreational tourism company Active Nature, we provide for you the opportunity to try Rafting, Hiking, trekking, canoe etc.